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Tree of Life Leaves

More on my Heirloom Collection

I create both jewelry and small scale sculpture.
I am inspired by the subtle elements in life.
Quiet details in nature… delicate cracks in the sidewalk…
Some of my work is highly detailed, some is simple yet elegant.
Each is a work of art to me, regardless of whether
it is worn on the body or hung on a wall.


Today, I create custom pieces to mark special occasions in your life. I design heirloom jewelry for both women and men. My Family Tree of Life Necklaces, Bereavement Pendants, Hope Leaves and Spiritual Jewelry are crafted to touch your heart. These are but a few of the endless possibilities we can explore together. 

Check back for upcoming event dates!

Galleries and Shops

Unearthed Arts in Waconia

Uptown Art Gallery in MPS airport concourse G

Minnetonka Center for the Arts

General Store in Minnetonka

Artworks in Excelsior

Clearwater Clothing in Waconia