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My earliest memories involve me sitting in a corner on the floor, sketching on any scraps of paper that I could find. Mom still brags that I was drawing before I learned to talk. Art has always been in my blood. For many years I honed my drawing and painting skills and enjoyed wonderful opportunities as a young artist. My ability to render, opened doors to endless riches in the art world. I was exposed to metalsmithing in my early 20’s while pursuing my Bachelors degree in Fine Art. This medium quickly became my passion. The intimate scale appealed to my love of detail. The lost wax carvings became my three-dimensional drawings. In 1993 I continued my studies with a Masters of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design under the guise of renowned artist Lee Peck. Here I learned the many techniques of forming and manipulating metal.

Today I continue to create sculpture and jewelry. Each piece that I create begins as art. Function and wearability always come in second place. My miniature sculptures are inspired by the many quiet wonders in the world. The delicate veins on a leaf, the subtle cracks in the sidewalk. I enjoy the many processes involved in these creations. Each is a new beginning and end, each is a “one of a kind”.